A Mr. Game Room party is an amazing amount of fun.  We arrive at your house or business with our Mobile Video Game Room. This self-powered, climate controlled unit has the latest and greatest gaming systems such as XBOX 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii & New Wii U. 

Mr. Game Room can accommodate up to 20 people playing the latest games individually or all at once! There is additional seating for a total of 36 kids to watch or parents to monitor the action.  You have got to experience a party like this to believe it!  Buckeye Party Truck























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Mr. Game Room - Video Game Party Information

...Some popular questions and answers are listed below...

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What, is a Mr. Game Room Party?


The Mr. Game Room is a 28 foot customized hospitality trailer.  It's equipped with heating and air conditioning so weather is never a problem.  Our video game parties come fully equiped with up to five widescreen high-def TVs,  Everything is linked, so 16 players can play the same game against each other!  We also offer the ability to play up to five different games, so we have a game for everybody.

Play as a team or enjoy different games, because there are plenty to choose from — all the newest games from Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 with our "Pro Gamer Driver" to help any who needs it.  

It's the ultimate Mr. Game Room party for a group to have fun together at birthday parties, events, festivals and more!  We also offer single-player games so thers somethng for everyone!


The Promo Code I Used is Not Giving The Discount?

All promo codes have an experation date or use by date, if you enter a valid promo code that has expired, we will honor the promo code, but the code MUST be entered when placing the order AND printed on the paperwork, Promo codes are only available for two hour parties and no coupon or promocode can be accepted at the party.


What is a Mr. Game Room Junior Party?

The Mr Game Room Junior is a smaller version of our Mr. Game Room Party and is perfect for 12 players and can easily fit into your driveway, apartment complex or small court.  The Junior is filled with all the latest games on Xbox 360, Play Station 3 and the Nintendo Wii. Take a look at the Mr. Game Room Jr. web page for some great photos.


Which Mr. Game Room units have the New Nintendo Wii U ?

The New Nintendo Wii U is currently available with the Mr. Game Room 16 player and 20 player units. 


What if my Child Leaves Something in the Mr Game Room Truck?

We do our best to make sure the kids take everything they came in with but sometimes items are left behind on the truck. We do have a lost and found and you can schedule a time to meet us at our office to pick up your item. Items that are not claimed in 30 days will be donated to the Salvation Army.


Can I buy a Mr. Game Room Gift Certificate?

Gift Certificates are available in the following amounts:  $50, $100, $150, $200, $250, $295 and are great for any type party.


How much does a Mr. Game Room party cost ?

Mr. Game Room parties start with a two hour block and additional hours are available.
Check our Home page for special offers!

Birthday Parties and Small Events: up to 12 Player
Mr. Game Room Junior

Junior Truck Everyday
Party Length Total Cost
90 Minutes $229.95
Additional 1 Hour $95
Please contact Mr. Game Room Pro for all non profit,
educational pricing and GREAT local promotions.

Larger Birthday Parties up to Big Red Game Room Truck
Larger Mr. Game Room

Big Red Truck Everyday
Party Length Total Cost
2 hours min $ 299.95
Additional 1 Hour $ 95
Larger Birthday Parties up to Ultimate Game Room
Larger Ultimate Game Room
Ultimate Truck Everyday
Party Length Total Cost
2 hours min $ 309.95
Additional 1 Hour $ 95

For Larger Corporate Events and Block Parties, We can bring all three
Mr. Game Room Units and have a Great Party, 60 can play at the same time!

This is the Party they really want !


How can I pay for a Mr. Game Room event?

You may pay for your event with a MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card and American Express , Cash or Check. We work with hundreds of businesses and school and we will accept a Purchase Order, please contact us with questions. Reservations are accepted with a $100 deposit and credit card payments can be processed at our secure web site and this is the best way to lock in your party date and time. The balance is collected when we arrive at your party. Booking your party online takes less then 90 seconds and locks in your date and time.  Weekends often get booked up months in advance and reservations are highly reccomened.


What is your refund / cancellation policy?

Mr. Game Room reservations are much like a hotel room. If you cancel or reschedule your party with less than 21 days notice we will charge your credit card an additional $50 cancellation/rescheduling fee and you will lose your $100 deposit. If you "no show" which means if Mr. Game Room arrives at the address you provided and you are not there to receive the service, we will charge your credit card for the full amount of the event. There are no refunds for services once performed. If it becomes necessary to seek legal action to collect the balance due, you agree to pay all of our attorney fees and courts costs regarding the collection of this debt.


I understand that by receiving Mr. Game Room services and signing this agreement, I will be held financially responsible and agree to pay the balance due. I also agree to be held financially responsible for any damage that my child or the guests of this party does to the Mr. Game Room equipment, contents and or accessories. I also understand that the person responsible for this party has informed the parents of the children attending and received approval for that child to play the video games at this party. The Mr. Game Room is equipped with a digital video recording system and all parties and guests will be recorded and or photographed and may be used in Mr. Game Room promotional material including print advertising, Internet advertising and on our web site or Face Book page.


How do Mr. Game Room parties work?

The process is very easy.

Look on the Reservations tab of the web site and select the Mr. Game Room unit that is best for your Party.

Select the date and time you want for your party.

Enter your address and payment information.

You will receive an email with your confirmation and a link to our custom party invitation page.

Enter your guests email address and any custom party information you want and press send.

We will contact you to help select the games appropriate  for your party and answer any questions.

On your party date and time, we roll up to your house and open our custom rolling Game Room.

The Mr. Game Room is a self-contained rolling Video Game Party.  We bring our own silent power generator; all we need is a flat and level place to park. We monitor the party and assist with the games. Your guests play for the scheduled party time, and then we roll out to our next party.. Your child can have up to 20 or more friends over to their party and your house is kept clean, quiet, and no clean up for you!



How safe is Mr. Game Room?

Safety is our number one concern; every one of our staff must pass an annual criminal background check and drug screening as well as submit to a yearly random drug test.  Each of our staff will have a Mr. Game Room photo identification.  For everyone’s safety the Mr. Game Room is equipped with up to six video cameras and digital recording equipment and every party is recorded.  Each Mr. Game Room is also equipped with a carbon monoxide detector, smoke detector, commercial fire extinguisher and first-aid kit.




What ages are appropriate for Mr. Game Room?

We welcome all ages at Mr. Game Room parties but request children under the age of seven be accompanied by a parent.


What video games are available with Mr. Game Room parties?

When you request a certain game title we will have it ready for your party.  We try keeping all titles with us for all parties.  Our game library is growing every day as we add all the newest and most popular games.  Do you want to limit games to a certain rating?  We can do that.  Not quite sure what you want, but you want them to have fun? Our Pro Gamer is there to make sure it happens.  Check our “Available Game” Page for a sample list of games.  If you don’t see that special game title listed, when you book your party let us know and we will get it for your party.


Mr. Game Room will  ONLY offer "Adult" rated games at Adult parties and  All "Mature" rated games, such as Halo 3, require written parental or party host (renter) approval before the games can be loaded into the consoles for play. While Mr. Game Room is careful to monitor "Mature" and/or “Teen” rated games, it is ultimately the parent’s (or party host’s) responsibility to make sure their child and the child’s guests are not playing any game that may not be approved by the guests parent.


How much Space does Mr. Game Room need?

The Game Room is 50' long and should fit in front of most homes, we may need to block your driveway. The Mr. Game Room Junior is 28' long and can fit just about anywhere.


What about Bad Weather?

The Mr. Game Room was designed to accommodate a variety of climates and temperature ranges. The Mr. Game Room is equipped with Heating and Air Conditioning so the party will go on in almost any weather condition. There are some times when the snow is very deep, we will require a clear space in from of your home to park the Game Room Truck.  For this reason you may want to have a second location available like a nearby church, school or park. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Do we need to provide anything to Mr. Game Room?

NO, We bring EVERYTHING !, we provide all our own power using a state of the art silent digital generator and professional gaming staff, all you provide are the kids, we bring the fun.


What area does Mr. Game Room cover?

We currently service the Metro Columbus and Central Ohio area, there is a small fuel fee if you are located more then five miles outside Interstate 270, fuel fee is calculated by your zip code and may be waived by Mr. Game Room.


How can I reserve my party date and time?

The fastest way to check availability and book your party is on line (click here) to Schedule and pay for your Mr. Game Room Video Game Party or call Mr. Game Room at 614-918-3000, we are out doing parties most of the time so you should book using the online Scheduler.


Does Mr. Game Room have invitations?

Yes. Once your party is booked, we will email you a web link to an on line email invitation, you will also be allowed to download a printable PDF invitation.


Is it appropriate to give Mr. Game Room (driver) a Tip?

A tip or gratuity is not required but always appreciated.


Can I bring food and or drinks into the Mr. Game Room unit ?

No food or drinks are permitted inside the Game Room with the exception of plain BOTTLED WATER.