Are You Looking to Start a Mr. Game Room® Mobile Video Game  Business?

We can offer the Mr. Game Room® Business in a few different configurations:

Financing is Available for all Mr. Game Room Businesses

Equipment Only: A complete custom built ready to go Rolling Game Room With four  LCD TV's and game consoles, Heat and AC  (No Mr. Game Room® graphics) With satellite TV system to turn your Video Game Party into a Tailgate party with video games! (We do have a fully operational working prototype Game Room available for sale at a great price, ready to go, full graphics package with support, just add your phone number.

ALSO a NEW 5 Station Game Room trailer, just provide your Phone number so we can have the Graphics package ready to go.  BEST PRICE AND NO MONTHLY FEES.

Two Mr. Game Room Trailers is stock ready to go to work.


Equipment and Reservation Web Site : Complete Ready to go Game Room (as listed above) and ready to go Reservation credit card web site, use your existing business name or option one of ours, option to use the Mr. Game Room® name and graphics

This could be your web site.     We would insert your name and you would be up and running in just a few minutes.


Complete Mr. Game Room® Mobile Video Game Business :  Complete Ready to go Mr. Game Room® Mobile Video Game Room with satellite TV, ready to go Reservation credit card web site, use of Mr Game Room trademark name and graphics. Included in this package is access to Mr Game Room marketing materials, flyers, business cards, newspaper and magazine ads, postcards with ongoing support and personal training on how to get business and conduct the best video game party in town!

If you are looking to get into the Mobile Video Game Business, We can beat all the other guys with a better product and a better price

Do all your shopping around with the other guys and when the sticker shock wears off give us a call.

Mr Game Room® is a fun business brand at a price you can afford, give me a call.

Michael Ross
New Business Development